GEM develops accessories that are indispensable to an equestrian's lifestyle: stall guards, stall draps, stall bag, grooming bag, shoulder pillow, passport wallet, fetlock bands, saddle pad bag, and more...

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  • Stall Drapes

    GEM Stall Drapes cover your stall at shows to help your horse's comfort. They are attached by magnetic strips. 

    Choose your style:

    - Simple / Classic (basic stall drape)

    - with pockets (to store your wraps, bandages, brushes etc...)

    - with a window (to allow light to enter your stall)

    - with pockets and window (the total combination!)

    Of course, you have the option to embroider your name, nationality, or logos of your sponsors etc... Just add it in the "customize" tab.

    One size only. 

  • Shoulder Pillow

    The GEM Stall Guard is voluntarily wider and longer then typical stall guards to keep your horse secure in his stall. It is strongly attached by hook straps. 

    A perfect tool to allow air in your stall and keep your curious horse happy by allowing him to keep his head out.

    It is also a great idea for a gift!

    You can match both stall drape and stall guard to create a nice combination.

    You can also embroider your name or logo. 

  • Stall Bag

    Waterproof fabric, spacious, useful, and practical, the stall bag has all the mandatory qualities! You can be attached to your stall at home or at shows by two strips with strong hooks! 

    You can customize your own Stall Bag by choosing the colors of the bag and the piping. For the total look, make it match to your Stall Guard and Stall Drapes!

    A great idea for a gift!

  • Grooming bag

    Essential and practical, the GEM grooming bag is made of one large compartment and two side pockets. It is easy to transport thanks to its synthetic leather handle on te top. 

    Keep your brushes and other everyday products nice and tidy. 

    Perfect for an everyday use. 

  • Stall Guard
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Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items
Showing 1 - 21 of 21 items