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GEM dresses up your horse completely from head to toes! (ear nets, saddle pads, half pads, bandages, etc...). You will find what you are looking for! Our products are thought by and for riders. We have different models to please all disciplines, all horse sizes, and all riders. 


  • Saddle pads

    GEM started with a collection of saddle pads which is still our best-seller item today! The collection has been developed for all equestrian with new innovative fabrics to add comfort to your horse while riding.

    Stay on trend and in style with the latest GEM collection ! 

  • Ear Nets

    GEM developed a collection of ear nets that match the saddle pads. The combination of comfort and style to keep your horse in style !

  • Half Pads

    GEM's 3D Half Pad is composed of memory foam fabric enveloped by 3D breathable mesh fabric (the same fabric used on the 3D Mesh breathable saddle pads!). Our innovative product adapts to your horse's back and your saddle to enjoy a great ride. 

  • Exercice sheet

    Great for chilly mornings and long winter days. Keep your horse warm to ensure his comfort and to perform at your best. 

  • Polo Bandages

    Made in France, the GEM polo bandages match our saddle pads. Would you be on the classic or colorful style? 

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