• New Collection

    All the new items of our collection! What's your next style ? 

  • For my horse

    GEM dresses up your horse completely from head to toes! (ear nets, saddle pads, half pads, bandages, etc...). You will find what you are looking for! Our products are thought by and for riders. We have different models to please all disciplines, all horse sizes, and all riders. 

  • My horse's time off

    Everything you need to keep your champion beautiful, safe, and sound. 

  • Rider

    GEM's Women's Sportswear features comfortable, technical and elegant products. Our three core values that we feature in our everyday collection and our show collection both made by riders for riders. 

  • Accessories

    A line of accessories to complete every GEM outfit! From belts, to hats, caps, socks, and much more. 

  • My dog

    What would be a rider without a dog? That is why we developed a small collection with all the indispensables you need to keep your dog in style all year at home and at the stables. 

  • Gift Card, Member Card

    Looking for a gift? You can never go wrong with a GEM gift card. 

    Want to treat yourself? Get exclusive access to the GEM Collection with 15% off all year round thanks to the GEM Member card. 

  • Gift Cards

    GEM GIFT CARD - Not sure what to get? You don't want to make the wrong choice? Then the GEM Gift Card is perfect for you! You can get a gift card from 50 to 300. A quick and easy option to please your loved ones! 

    GEM VIP CARD - We also have the GEM VIP card which is for all our fans! With the VIP card you benefit of a -10% reduction on the website during one year! 


    Get exclusivity on some collections and many more advantages with the GEM CLUB card ! 


    Last chance, catch it before its gone! 

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  • Second-Hand

    Give GEM products a second life, by buying them to give them a new life, or by selling them if you no longer wear them.

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