GEM dresses up your horse completely from head to toes ! (ear nets, saddle pads, half pads, bandages etc...). You will find what you are looking for! Our products are thought by and for the riders. We have different models to please all disciplines, all horse sizes and all riders. 

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  • Saddle pads

    Saddle pads, available in horse’s pad or pony’s pad, suitable for all disciplines (Show Jumping, Dressage, Eventing, Horse ball, Vaulting, Ride ...)

    The pleasure of the horse rider and the comfort of the horse are our core values in the creation of our saddle pads.

    The pleasure is reflected in the aesthetics of our products and the technical superiority of the materials used reveals our attention to comfort.


    GEM provides a personal touch by working with leatherette materials that recall to the mind traditional horse equipment. The elegance of this material used exclusively by GEM and the subtle combination of colors will certainly make it a rage amongst riders.

    The saddle pad is the flagship of GEM. For this reason, we chose to baptize each model by the name of a gemstone whose colors are also well represented in the base or in their contours (a GEM is a precious stone, ornamental and fine).

  • Ear Nets

    The earnet for horses (and / or ponies) is not intended to be only a charming accessory, of course, it is the ultimate detail that perfects the style for your mount however; the main objective is to focus the attention of your companion on what you ask of him. [MORE] External disturbing elements, such as rain, noise, insects, are reduced through the thick cloth. The material used in GEM earnets is also flexible, which allows a perfect fit to the horse's ear. Composed of wool and cotton, it is washable (at moderate temperature).

    You can complete your look with these GEM models designed by our seamstress. Handcrafted, these squared shape earnets stop just above the eye of the horse, flattering its resolutely determined look. 

    GEM has created 10 saddle pads and 8 earnets, but you may have, depending on your mood, need or style want other colors. That is why we have developed a software customization option for saddle pads and earnets.

    Customizable earnets are made in the same way as our traditional ones, except you get to choose your own unique colour scheme and style to suit your taste. Make yours an original!

  • Half Pad

    GEM has produced two types of Half Pads:

    - GEM Classic Half Pad is composed of a wadding layer and a memory form layer. The memory form layer help spread the weight of the rider on a wider surface. It also adapt to both saddle and horse depending on the curves and the needs. The wadding layer is more a shock absorbant layer which absorbs all chocs and thickens the pad. 

    - GEM 3D Half Pad is composed of memory form fabric enveloped by 3D breathable mesh fabric (the same fabric used on the 3D Mesh breathable saddle pads!). This high tech fabric garanties complete absorption. However it is thinner than the GEM Classic Half Pad as it does not have any wadding layer.

    The GEM Classic Half Pad is better for horses with curvy backs and/ or strong withers, where as the GEM 3D Half Pad is better for horses with a strong, flat and flat back. 

  • Bandages

    GEM created 3 types of bandages:

    - Standing Bandages (horse and pony size)

    - Exercise Bandages (horse and pony size)

    - 3D Breathable Bandages (one size only)

    They are sold by pairs. 

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Showing 1 - 30 of 49 items